Can you take the Weight??

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When given this band's music to review blindly you have preconceived notion of anything including genre, male/female, or a combination of both. There were no real expectations regarding sound or production quality either. However, this was a surprise; a surprise wrapped up in music.

When I listen to a song for the first time this is my general criteria:

I have extremely sensitive senses (a blessing and a curse), so if anything is out of balance, my ears, and brain pick up on it right away and I won't be able to concentrate on the actual song.

"Weight of Whispers," the self-titled song from Weight of Whispers is a song that could easily be found on SiriusXM's Octane in the rotation. Hopefully, they will be a new "find" for Octane.

This song has a different beginning than most songs out. The intro starts out muted and then gradually comes to a full clear sound. The momentum mimics the song's message in that the weight of words, builds as a murmur, then becomes clear the more they surround you.

If you've ever dealt with anything real in your life then "Weight of Whispers" is the kind of song you can relate and free yourself from all of that pent-up anger, angst, and frustration, of those around you talking trash about you, and tried to "just not go insane."

When this band's name, Weight of Whispers, was finally released to me, I had never heard of them as they are a regional band from Wilmington, North Carolina and I am in Illinois.

Their sound emulates their influences, yet they have their style or mark. They are influenced by some of the best of the best in hard rock including "…Chevelle, Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown, Avenged Sevenfold, Nothing More, Deftones"

I look forward to what the future holds for Weight of Whispers and am anticipating a tremendous full album from them in the future.

On January 19, 2018, Weight of Whispers they released their much locally anticipated self-titled single, "Weight of Whispers," produced by Snake Harris Studios.

The band consists of members:

Will Baker - Vocals

Nick Lyons - Guitar

Andrew Russell - Bass

Jake Speck – Drums

From their Facebook page, they explain that "All of our members are seasoned musicians who have played with some big names like Puddle of Mudd, Saliva, Doyle, Through Fire, Failure Anthem, Letters from the Fire, September Mourning, and many others."

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All media courtesy ofAngel-Phoenix Media Group
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